Create a QR Code Menu

By creating a link page for a restaurant menu and converting it into a dynamic QR code, you can provide your customers with a digitally available restaurant menu to make the ordering process seamless & modern.

What is the QR Code Menu?

QR Code Dynamic, unlike the traditional physical menus you find at restaurants, bars, or cafes, offers a digital alternative. With QR codes, customers can simply scan them using their smartphones to access the complete menu.

A significant number of businesses adopted QR code menus. Given their growing prevalence, QR code menus are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for new businesses.

If you're interested in creating your own unique QR code menus for your restaurant, bar, cafe, or hotel, consider trying out the free, customizable QR code menu generator tool.

Benefits of a QR Code Menu for Restaurants

Saving Printing Costs

Inflation and supply chain challenges have led to a significant surge in the expenses associated with producing and binding paper menus in recent years. With a QR code menu for your restaurant, you can save money effortlesly.

Fastening Decision-Making Duration

Do you have limited staff available? QR code menus empower your customers to make decisions without waiting a waiter/waitress, eliminating the need to seek out an employee for assistance.

Increasing Staff Productivity

It reduces the total time customers spend at the table. Additionally, it relieves your front-of-house team from the inconvenience of repeatedly going to and from the table as customers make their choices.

Capturing Interest with Images

Most restaurants refrain from including images on their menus due to the expenses associated with printing high-quality images on paper. However, with the link page builder for restaurant menus, you can effortlessly upload enticing images, to enhance customer satisfaction.

How to Use the QR Code Menu Generator?

STEP 1 - Create a digital version of your menu. For this aim, add as many categories as needed, enter their descriptions, define icons as you wish, and upload the PDF containing item names and pricing info. After that, add your social links and footer text optionally.

Step 2- Customize your menu by selecting your preferred style and color, upload your restaurant logo background image to use in the digital menu, and tweak the heading and subheading to suit your needs.

Step 3- To have a dynamic QR code menu for your restaurant, copy the link page of the menu you've created, go to your QR Code Dynamic dashboard, paste the link to the Destination URL section on the Clicks section to create a new dynamic URL.

Step 4- When your link is created, go to URL QR Code Generator to customize your QR Code and click the Create button when ready. Make sure that the Dynamic QR Code option is marked.

Step 5- Congratulations! Now, you can print out the QR code menu to display on the tables with details on how to scan the menu by phone and order using the QR code.

Qr Code Dynamic is the one-stop QR Code kit!

Best restaurant menu QR code solution

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No more printing cost: You can decrease your costs by using our paperless solution.
Instant update: You can update your menu anytime.
Create your own QR Code

Boost your reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews

Give your review platform links: Your real time review pageis just a scan away.
Create custom review pages: Create custom review & feedback pages linked to QR Codes
Use form apps: Create forms to get more reviews via good-looking forms
Create your own QR Code

Get more traffic from your offline presence

Boost a single social media platform: Redirect your visitors to your best social media platform.
Gather all platforms: Create a single page and drive all your customers to a single page.
Create your own QR Code

Create custom forms for your business.

Create custom forms: Use form apps like Google Forms, Jotform, Typeform to create a form page
Get more review/opinion: Just press your QR which will act as a bridge with your customer.
Create your own QR Code

Provide easy wifi connection

Your customers can connect to wifi with a qr scan
Create your own QR Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Do customers need an app to scan the QR Code menu?
Definitely not. Apple and Android devices are able to scan QR Codes through their camera.
Do I need to pay to create QR Code menus using QR Code Dynamic?
It is completely free to use QR Code Dynamic's QR code menu generator tool. You can create your digital menu and QR code for it without a hesitate and evaluate the features.
Do customers need an internet connection to scan the QR code menu?
Yes, they should be connected to the internet. You can create a WiFi QR Code to share your network with customers and make the scanning QR code process smooth for them.

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