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What is a digital business card(VCard)?

A digital business card represents a secure and contemporary approach to exchanging essential details about an individual or a company.

These particulars encompass a range of information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, images, locations, bios, social media links, and more.

Electronic business cards, empowered by dynamic QR Codes, securely preserve contact information in a digital .vcf (virtual contact file) format. This digital contact card can be easily shared through various mediums—such as Apple or Google Wallet, email signatures, or social media platforms.

Additionally, the business card QR Code can be embedded on a physical paper-based card.

Upon scanning the QR Code on your card, clients can swiftly access and store your contact details on their smartphones with a simple click.

Your Comprehensive Handbook for Effective Digital Business Cards

You can share your own information

Give your personal information directly.
The scanners can easily add you as a contact.
They can reach you when they need.

Deliver extensive details about you and your services

Provide "scan to learn" information
Give detailed informations

How to create a VCard
in Just 3 Steps

Step 1: Generate vCard Information

Input all necessary contact details such as name, phone number, email, address, and additional information using a vCard generator tool or application.

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Step 2: Create QR Code

Utilize a QR Code generator that supports vCard formats. Input the vCard information and select the vCard type and customize to generate your vCard QR Code.

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Step 3: Save and Share

Download the generated QR Code in image format and use it on business cards, email signatures, websites, or any digital or physical materials to share your contact information effortlessly.

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Important Tip

Those interested in adding more information like social media links to their vCard QR Code may consider using a Dynamic QR Code, offering functionalities beyond basic contact information such as social media integration, editable content, and scan tracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Is the QR Code expired?

No. A generated QR Code from the vCard QR Code Generator remains permanent due to its static nature. This means the content cannot be altered or tracked once it's created. To access features such as content editing and scan tracking, consider signing up to generate Dynamic QR Codes.

Is it possible to generate a vCard QR Code that includes links to multiple social media profiles?

Our current Static vCard QR Code only accommodates a single website link, allowing for the inclusion of your LinkedIn profile, for instance. If you aim to connect numerous social media accounts, we recommend utilizing a link page QR Code for optimal support.

Can I create multiple vCard QR Codes in Bulk?

Indeed, with our QR Code API, you have the ability to generate multiple vCards. Seamlessly integrate this feature directly into your application, allowing for the creation of vCard QR Codes for various purposes like employee business cards, staff IDs, event badges, and more without the need for individual creation. Additionally, the API offers options to include colors, QR Code frames with calls-to-action, and even logos for further customization.

Do vCard QR Codes work on both Android and iPhone?

Yes, certainly. All vCards generated using our vCard QR Code generator are compatible with Android, iOS, MS Outlook, Google Contacts, and numerous other platforms. They are standardized VCF files that can be recognized and accessed by any address book or contacts program.

Is it possible to include a photo in my vCard QR Code?

Our present vCard QR Code doesn't offer the option to upload an image file within the vCard. You can use a dynamic linkpage like to show your details like photo, social media accounts and more.

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