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Generate linkpages to organize your links in one page with our innovative linkpage builder and share it via a dynamic QR code. Our intuitive editor empowers you to create and customize stunning landing pages within minutes, making them accessible to anyone.

What is the Linkpage Builder?

A linkpage builder is a user-friendly platform that enables you to create landing pages and microsites swiftly, eliminating the need for constant reliance on developers or designers.

With full control over webpage components, QR Code Dynamic's linkpage builder offers a hassle-free experience. It allows you to consolidate multiple links and digital content effortlessly, all within a single, customizable interface.

This no-code linkpage builder solution empowers users to craft mobile-friendly landing pages rapidly, perfect for diverse needs like upcoming marketing campaigns or centralized content housing.

Benefits of Having a Linkpage

Unlock a world of efficiency and versatility with the linkpage builder by QR Code Dynamic—a powerful tool offering an array of benefits.

From swiftly creating captivating mobile landing pages to streamlining content management and scaling marketing campaigns, our linkpage builder empowers businesses, creators, marketers, and freelancers alike.

Embrace Linkpages and witness a seamless journey towards enhanced productivity and impactful online presence.

Effortless Creation of Linkpages

Businesses can swiftly generate multiple landing pages that captivate visitors, engage potential leads, and effectively nurture customer relationships. With an intuitive interface, this builder streamlines the process, saving time and effort in page creation.

All Links in One Page

Creators can efficiently gather and showcase their diverse links on a single, customizable page. This consolidation simplifies content management and enhances accessibility for audiences seeking comprehensive information.

Professional Look

Skilled freelancers can create polished, standout online portfolio links tailored for recruiters and clients.

The benefits extend beyond these specific use cases. QR Code Dynamic's linkpage builder offers a range of possibilities limited only by imagination. From social media promotion to product showcases, educational resources to personalized customer experiences, the potential applications are vast and adaptable to various needs and industries.

How to Use the Linkpage Builder?

STEP 1 - Create a linkpage to gather all of your links in one single page. For this aim, choose one of the templates, such as the review site, business page, social page, or contact page, offered in QR Code Dynamic's linkpage builder tool. At this step, consider your business goals and/or personal needs.

template selection screen of the linkpage builder tool

Step 2- Customize your linkpage by selecting your preferred texts, link blocks, icons, widgets to have in the linkpage.

customizing step of the linkpage builder tool

Step 3- In the next step, tweak your linkpage design as you wish. Upload your logo, change the background color, define the background image, and change headings and text font to make your linkpage more attention-capturing.

designing step of the linkpage builder tool

Step 4- Finally, when your link is created in the last step, go to URL QR Code Generator to connect your linkpage to a dynamic QR code. Customize your QR Code and click the Create button when ready. Make sure that the Dynamic QR Code option is marked.

creating a dynamic qr code for the linkpage

Step 5- Congratulations! Now, you can print out or download the linkpage QR code to display on the wall, send via email, show on the website, or anywhere you want with details on how to scan the linkpage QR code by a device.

Qr Code Dynamic is the one-stop QR Code kit!

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Give your review platform links: Your real time review pageis just a scan away.
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Boost a single social media platform: Redirect your visitors to your best social media platform.
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Create custom forms: Use form apps like Google Forms, Jotform, Typeform to create a form page
Get more review/opinion: Just press your QR which will act as a bridge with your customer.
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Provide easy wifi connection

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do customers need an app to scan the linkpage QR code?
Definitely not. Apple and Android devices are able to scan QR Codes through their camera.
Do I need to pay to create dynamic QR code for my link page?
It is completely free to use QR Code Dynamic's dynamic QR code generator for URLs. However, if you need to create more than one dynamic URL QR code, you can upgrade your account in minutes.
Do users need an internet connection to scan the dynamic QR linkpage?
Yes, they should be connected to the internet. You can create a WiFi QR Code to share your network with people and make the scanning QR code process smooth for them.

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